AuthorsCasiell, Aramilion, Ellyon
Made withUnity


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wtf this Game is just trash or is there anyway to get out of the main menu?

Just click any button in the menu.

Good job Valve !




Overall, the graphics were phenomenal, the sound design and music were incredible, the gameplay was juicy and satisfying, the game fit the theme perfectly, and the plot twist at the end almost made me cry.  Going in , I had suspicions that this was just a joke, but after playing this, I can say that this is an incredibly polished and well-made game, and is easily one of the best entries I've seen so far in this jam. 10/10.

I agree


good luck guys trying to win the 2nd place on this jam. Of course this entry is automatically the 1st place.


Finally, someone who gets it!



Best game ever


This is good. 



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Now that's some quality stuff. 5/7

Finally, a perfect score!

This shit should be on PewDie meme review ROFL

Best game.




That was my first reaction to. How someone can make something so polished, so appealing and so other-worldly creative in this short Time. It is normal here to be blown away by amazement.


Wow, I couldn't say it better myself, thanks


This made me laugh


And this is called power of imagination

wow amazing


better then FORTNITE, but I think the cutscenes are just too long, so Minecraft still better, but I give a 41/69

Now if only I could match fortnite in terms of revenue...


What is this


minecraft 1.15 cave update


I knew this game had more to it than I thought

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Was i just

Rick rolled?


You bet your ass you were!

now i must make better than that? impossible im out

Please don't. I can't be the only one on the podium. There are 3 spots there!

now that's a meem


What are you talking about, I'm 100% serious!


10/10 IGN made me cry

2 ez 4 me 

Yeah, a bit casual, but that's how things are nowadays

Best so far xD

6 days left and I doubt anyone will be able to top this

man...this is nice

man...I'm happy you think so

I got rick rolled


You sure were, and you liked it!

ooooooooh I get it now... Half-Life but the "F" is crossed out... Clever.

We gotta winner already! Honestly charge at least 5 bucks for it! :


I couldn't do that to my fellow gamers. Everyone deserves to at least try this masterpiece

What a nice person you actually are! :D

Amazing game! You could extend a map generation since it feels a bit dull. But as for game made in a week, that's really cool :D


Yeah, we really need to up our map design. But that requires a lot of play testing and there was not much time left for that

this is not  a game


It was made using a GAME engine

It was submitted to a GAME jam

It's a continuation in a GAME franchise

It has a "new GAME" button

What is it if not a game, then?

A rick roll

A short, but very fun gae. I enjoyed it a lot. Also, thanks for that Developer Commentary, made the game so much more interesting

Oh yeah, I believe a little personal touch makes every game better.

Cool...  Never Give Up bro....

this game actually Good i love you game!!!

cool song!!

I won't give up! I will go on and create many more awesome games! I hope you'll like them too!

best game how is this made in a week

Too be fair it required so much work, that it took us years to finish. We had to invent a time machine so we could submit it before the end of the jam

Innovation 10/10

Level Design 10/10

Art 10/10

Game Design 420/69

Audio 100000000000000/10

Everything is a masterpiece

I told you I won't let you down!

k i guess..




I guess...


wow i have completed the purpose of my life

But did you get all the achievements?

This is deep... so beautiful...

Design team worked really hard on this. Glad their efforts paid off


when you unironically keep on listening to the song.






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First time a Kjell & Company ad saved me. What a masterpiece.

I should probably contact the owner of the video for some % of the ad revenue.

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10/10 best game ever

Is it better than 2?


this is why I use steam

That's exactly why you shouldn't use steam! You would miss out on this gem

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